Entry #15

New DnB

2017-06-22 18:13:41 by CreoMusic

Soooo, I'm back with a new song. This time I tried to make some drum and bass - or should I say... drum and brass. hahahaha ;) (Yes I know, that was lame).

Anway the songname and artwork are kind of a reference to "Sphere". The song started out to be a remix of it, but towards the end I felt it was more like a spiritual successor that features some parts of the original instrumentation and harmonies.

Here's the link if you want to check it out:


Let me know what you think!


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2017-06-22 19:34:03

You got my money. That gives a good idea of what I think. Also, thank you.

CreoMusic responds:

You're the absolute best, man. Thanks for the continued support and no problem! :)


2017-06-23 02:55:27

I had fun...

Seriously though, your changing genres so much and you still maintain a distinctive style, which is what I dig. Keep it up, mate. ;)

CreoMusic responds:

Thank you, happy that you like this one as well! :)


2017-06-24 17:41:49

It's lit.
Who did those vocals btw?

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks, the vox are taken from a sample pack on splice called Future Bass & House Vocal Hooks.


2017-09-13 19:58:14

Hey Creo! I really wish i could buy your albums. The songs are amazing! They always get stuck in my head xD! I do have a question however. What studio or thing do you use to make your songs?! Im making my own music and only use GarageBand... I really want to become a great artist like you and others! Keep up the great work man! Chao!

CreoMusic responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot! I started out on Reason (very intuitive and easy to use), but am now producing with Ableton Live. Good luck with your goals - don't forget it takes a ton of time and practice to get there but if you have fun doing it it'll be worth the effort!