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2017-01-17 13:25:58 by CreoMusic

Hi Everyone,

I just finished my submission for this year's Pixel Day. I participated in the last one and got third place with this song:

The new track is stylistically very similar, so if you enjoy this type of music keep an eye out for my upload on newgrounds this saturday. ;)

Besides that, I also have a Melodic Dubstep song I am working on. I have put a lot of effort into it so far, and I think it is turning out great. It will probably be another couple of weeks before I am going to release it, though.



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2017-01-17 18:38:11

Speaking of which, what will the standings be for this year?
I participated for Pixel Day 2017, I am just wondering.

CreoMusic responds:

I'm not sure I understood your question but if you were asking about the prizes, they will be the same as last year it seems. Good luck in the contest!


2017-01-20 09:38:12

I'm excited to listen more from you. Have fun and good luck on your future tracks.

CreoMusic responds:

thanks :)