Username Change

2017-04-04 18:44:51 by CreoMusic


I noticed that some people were confused by the username I was using on here (and some other places as well), so I decided to change it.

To clarify: my artist alias has always been Creo. I just used "hyperdemented" among many other nicknames whenever my name was already taken. This happens quite a lot and on sites like twitter there are hardly any decent alternatives.

Anyway, right now I'm also working on new tunes. Hopefully I'll have one ready for you in the coming weeks. I might make it free to use again, like Dimension.



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2017-04-04 18:53:21

Nice. I can understand why 'Creo' is taken: there is a rapper called Cre'o, so this might spark some confusion.


2017-04-04 21:21:49

I'd like to believe most of us do this. Mine typically include Juppiter (or simply Jupp), Kickle, GobJunkBot, and Caitiff. Not surprisingly, my current name is available on most sites I set up with an account.

Just curious, what's the significance of the name "Creo" anyhow?

CreoMusic responds:

Well, most people assume it's the spanish word creo, which stands for "I believe" or something like that.
But I actually took it from the latin language in which it translates to "I create", which I found very fitting :)