New Song

2017-05-03 15:23:10 by CreoMusic

Yep, I have been working on music a lot and already have another song finished.

The last few months have been a very positive experience for me and I want to express my gratitude.
Thanks to everyone who liked, commented on and shared my music. Shoutout to those who even bough my stuff: you are awesome!

As per usual, I tried to explore new genres and inspirations with this one:

Until next time!


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2017-05-03 21:43:10

I like it. It's a very unique song.

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. ;)


2017-05-04 12:41:29

Will listen on one condition -- check out my upcoming track when it is released, will ya? ;)

CreoMusic responds:

Sure, I'll keep an eye out for your release. :)

Don't feel obligated to listen to mine though if its not be your cup of tea.
Probably only makes sense to check out someone's music if you are genuinely interested.


2017-05-04 14:54:50

I am interested, mainly in the way of influences and feel. I hope that I may convey a similar interest too.

CreoMusic responds:

Of course. I would've probably seen it anyway :)


2017-05-27 22:54:45

I lovwd Ahead Of The Curve, for it's originality and in a way it spoke to me. It felt powerful and its definitely one of my favorites and will stay that way for some time. I admire your ability to try new genres. It pays off. ;)