Summer Update

2017-06-01 17:23:07 by CreoMusic

I hit a couple of milestones across my social media recently but this was an unexpected treat to say the least:


Two features on the "Best Audio This Year"-Category! I was very happy when I saw it.
Thanks for the support - especially to those who cared enough to stick around for more than just that one song! ;)

I'm determined to deliver more in the future.

However, I have to mention that I'm currently a bit busy in my personal life (looking for a job, moving, finally doing driver's license etc...) and I'm also just very uncreative during the hot summer months in general.

I hope that I can find time and inspiration regardless and finish up some of my current WIPs!


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2017-06-01 23:07:28

I still need to go through the rest of your music on bandcamp. I don't enjoy all of it, but certainly most of it. Still, I might just be lazy and choose the entire discography option anyhow, like I did with Sim Gretina, even though I already have half (or more?) of your music from individual purchases and downloads from the Audio Portal. You're a fine musician (I hope that's a compliment. Most tell me I have bad tastes in music), so I'm eager to hear more from you soon.

See, I'm the opposite about summer. When it's cold, I hate moving around or doing, really, anything outside of what's necessary. When it's hot, my body doesn't feel stiff, the ground isn't slippery from snow, I'm not constantly tucked under blankets and added layers of clothes, and there's not a bunch of holiday activity at the store to further exhaust me more than that job already does. I also guzzle down a lot of iced beverages, so I'm fairly cooled down throughout each day.

Good luck on your job hunt. Not sure if you're searching for a particular line of work or just something to pay your bills, but I do hope whatever it is doesn't interfere your art.

CreoMusic responds:

Thank You!

Most of my older stuff (that isn't already on newgrounds) is barely even tolerable. I mean this especially in terms of audio quality, since I didn't care about that subject at all for a very long time.
I'm glad I found the motivation to work on that aspect though, despite it being very tiring and stale sometimes.

Yeah, my friends are also mostly summer type people. In times like these I envy them, haha.


2017-06-02 15:28:55

You really do deserve these milestones mate, seriously. Your stuff is really unique and you have a style that intrigues a lot of people, including me. I also saw that you use Serum as your main synth, like me aswell, very good to work with and is very rewarding.

Anyways, good luck finding a job, and as Phronemophobia said, I sincerely hope it doesn't hinder you in producing great tracks. ;)

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks, man! Yeah Serum is great, it has seemingly endless possibilities and manages to be very user-friendly at the same time.


2017-06-02 16:51:24

Yay! Congratulations on your milestones, your music is amazing and you certainly deserve it. In my opinion you do also deserve a hiatus, not everything is all about music. Hope you do well with everything on the other end! Abd good lucK finishing those wip's! I'm excited to hear the final products. :)


2017-06-03 04:55:33

Well you are the best, this was not unexpected 8)


2017-06-03 17:35:12

I don't know if you know this but this song got music of the year because of Geometry Dash, Krazyman50 just upload a level with your song and it's a huge trending level because of the song. (Creo - Dimension)


2017-06-03 17:36:34

The level is called Black Blizzard, here's a youtube video of the verification video:


2017-06-07 08:43:14

As of right now, Sphere is on the list too.

CreoMusic responds:

Even more good news! <3