New DnB

2017-06-22 18:13:41 by CreoMusic

Soooo, I'm back with a new song. This time I tried to make some drum and bass - or should I say... drum and brass. hahahaha ;) (Yes I know, that was lame).

Anway the songname and artwork are kind of a reference to "Sphere". The song started out to be a remix of it, but towards the end I felt it was more like a spiritual successor that features some parts of the original instrumentation and harmonies.

Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Let me know what you think!


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2017-06-22 19:34:03

You got my money. That gives a good idea of what I think. Also, thank you.

CreoMusic responds:

You're the absolute best, man. Thanks for the continued support and no problem! :)


2017-06-23 02:55:27

I had fun...

Seriously though, your changing genres so much and you still maintain a distinctive style, which is what I dig. Keep it up, mate. ;)

CreoMusic responds:

Thank you, happy that you like this one as well! :)


2017-06-24 17:41:49

It's lit.
Who did those vocals btw?

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks, the vox are taken from a sample pack on splice called Future Bass & House Vocal Hooks.


2017-09-13 19:58:14

Hey Creo! I really wish i could buy your albums. The songs are amazing! They always get stuck in my head xD! I do have a question however. What studio or thing do you use to make your songs?! Im making my own music and only use GarageBand... I really want to become a great artist like you and others! Keep up the great work man! Chao!

CreoMusic responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot! I started out on Reason (very intuitive and easy to use), but am now producing with Ableton Live. Good luck with your goals - don't forget it takes a ton of time and practice to get there but if you have fun doing it it'll be worth the effort!


2017-10-02 15:38:02

No-one can beat creo. And he's proved it again! Just wondering, but what gave the inspiration for "dimension", my face song ever?

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks, too kind! :) I rarely ever have one single source of inspiration for my music. Usually I just soak up different things and ideas that I come in touch with and let them influence the music I make.

I remember listening a lot to the song "Traveller" by Melano at the time. It gave me the inspiration to make this kind of cold and gloomy atmosphere. The sax wasn't added until the very end of the song. I was listening to the OST for Cowboy Bebop (Anime Series), which features a lot of Jazz and that's where I got the idea from. I _almost_ called the song Space Cowboy because of it...


2017-10-07 10:23:35

Creo, you got all the skill, my dude!
seriously, your stuff is awesome!